ESO Archer Leveling Build

Thanks for checking out this ESO Archer Leveling Build. For this build, we will be using the Templar class, but you are able to play as a different class if you want — just change the class skills to something similar if possible.

Elder Scrolls Online Bow Leveling Build

Ability Bar: Dark Flare, Reflective Light, Volley, Poison Arrow, Breath of Life OR Scatter Shot

Dawn’s Wrath – Reflective Light (Rank I), Dark Flare (Rank I)

Restoring Light - Breath of Life (Rank I) not necessary, but nice for groups.

Bow - Poison Arrow (Rank IV), Volley (Rank III), Scatter Shot (Rank II)

Medium Armor - Dexterity (Rank II)

You can start this build pretty much before Level 10, and take it a few different ways. Your rotation is going to be pretty simple, and you’ll do a lot of damage — usually enough to kill targets before they are anywhere near you.

ESO Archer Leveling Build Rotation

When you are pulling a single mob, start out with a Dark Flare, this has a cast time so it’s best to use it when you aren’t engaged in combat yet. Immediately follow up with a Reflective Light, followed by a Poison Arrow. You can backpedal a bit to create distance between you and the mob, fire off a couple more basic shots with your bow and use reflective light again if necessary.

For tougher fights, you can follow a similar rotation, but you’ll probably want to have Scatter Shot on your ability bar to kite. Follow the same rotation, but fire off a Scatter Shot to create distance after your Poison Arrow — you might be able to squeeze in a basic attack if want. Rinse and repeat.

If you are pulling a group of mobs, start with a Dark Flare on the primary target, then Reflective Light followed with a Volley while enemies are slowed. Shoot another Reflective Light and nuke the main target with some basic attacks, follow with another Reflective Light and they should be a shot away from death at that point. This works on mobs a couple levels higher, but don’t try to push it too far.

Thanks for reading, make sure you check out some of our other builds and guides as well.

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