Elder Scrolls Online Skyshard Guide

Collecting Skyshards is a major part of The Elder Scrolls Online, and it directly impacts how powerful your character is going to be. With every three Skyshards, you receive an additional skill point — this is huge, since it allows you to unlock more abilities, and morph more abilities as well. Since you can spend points in a variety of areas, including Class, Armor, Weapon, Guild, and Race, you’ll want to acquire as many points as possible.

Where can you find Skyshards?

They are located throughout the entire map, across all three faction areas, as well as the non-faction areas. Collecting all of these is incredibly time consuming, and it’s best if you try to do it as you complete quests in new areas, or simply while you’re exploring the map. Any map area can contain between 3 and 16 different Skyshards, and there are 24 areas that contain Skyshards.

Some of these are going to be right out in the open, and almost impossible not to see, but others are going to be difficult to get access to. For example, there may be a high level mob guarding one, or it could be at the end of a long puzzle, or some other area that is difficult to navigate.

Fast Skyshard Collecting

Wandering around aimlessly is not an effective way to hunt for Skyshards, you may find a couple, but trying to track down every single Skyshard by yourself is next to impossible. Fortunately, players of ESO are usually quite helpful in pointing out their locations, and there are a variety of interactive Skyshard maps that can really help you score as many of these things as possible.

Usually, an interactive map will be broken down into specific areas, so it’s pretty easy to find Skyshards regardless of where your character is currently located in the game. You should be able to pull up this map and start collecting Skyshards within a few minutes (unless you’ve already found a lot of them).

Skyshards in Other Factions

You can definitely pick up any Skyshard on the map, it doesn’t need to be in your home faction. However, you’ll need to complete your faction area prior to going to other factions anyways, so it’s a good idea to pick up all of them in your faction first.

In total, there are 86 Skyshards in each faction area, 35 of which will be located within dungeons in that area. That equates to a total of 258 Skyshards in faction areas alone — there are also 46 Skyshards in Cyrodiil, 18 of which are located in dungeons. There are also 16 more Skyshards in Coldharbor, of which 7 are located in dungeons.

After doing the math, the total number of Skyshards to acquire in ESO is 320, not including the one all players will have access to near the beginning of the game. That’s a lot, but it’s well worth your time to work on acquiring as many as you can, so get to work!

Alternative Options

These maps are great, but the best way to go about getting Skyshards is to check out a premium guide, as those will not only show you exactly where all Skyshards are located — but it will also guide you through how to gain access to that shard. Since there are quite a few that you cannot necessarily just walk up to, it’s extremely beneficial to have a handy resource guide to tell you exactly what you need to do.

Thanks for checking out this ESO Skyshard Guide, and make sure you check out some of our other guides while you’re here.

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