Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide

Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide! Even though the leveling system for ESO, in it’s entirety, is a bit different than what players are used to in other MMORPGs, it still follows a pretty standard base-line. You’ll still start out as a Level 1 character, and as you kill monsters and complete quests, you’ll continue to level up. This is pretty standard, but it is also mixed in with the Elder Scrolls skill system that we all know and love from the previous five installments of the series.

As you level up, you’ll also get skill points, which can be used to increase your level in various areas of your character — such as crafting professions, weapon types, armor types, and more. The leveling system as a whole is very intricate, and there’s a ton of information out there for you to learn and master, this guide is going to be a good starting point to help you grasp the most basic concepts. Read on for more!

What is the fastest way to level up in Elder Scrolls Online?

There are a handful of different things that grant experience, whether it be questing, PvP, group instances, or simply killing monsters over and over again. The absolute fastest way to level up in ESO is to use Zygor’s Leveling Guide. It’s actually an add-on that displays a small directional arrow which points you in the direction you need to go.

Most importantly, you never want to just be standing around thinking about what you should do to level up, make sure you’re always doing something that is beneficial to your XP bar. Honestly, you’d be better off just playing the game and following this one simple rule, rather than reading up information on how to level faster — but a little knowledge can go a long way.

Get a Solid Build for your Character

Having a good Leveling Build is very important when it comes to power-leveling, and reaching the level cap quickly. SO many players make the mistake of finding an endgame build and following that as they level up — don’t do this! These endgame builds are usually only viable when complete, meaning just half the build isn’t going to be effective.

Instead, you should make a build that compliments your play-style — so if you’re a Solo DK who likes to be front and center in the action, you’ll want to get some damage mitigation and constant damage abilities, instead of just going full out DPS. Here at ESO Guide, we offer some great starter builds for leveling; we have a Nightblade Leveling Build, DK Leveling Build, Templar Leveling Build, and Sorcerer Leveling build, so check them out!

Follow the Main Quest Line

ESO has a massive main story line for players to work on as they also complete side quests, and clear out various dungeons as they progress through the game. However, you should make sure you don’t neglect the main quest-line, as you will miss out on a lot of special items and bonuses that can only be acquired by completing quests.

In most situations, game developers want to encourage players to follow the story-line, and they do so by offering various EXP bonuses. You’ve probably noticed in other games after completing a series of quests, the last one might offer anywhere from 2-5 times as much experience as an average quest. We can’t say for sure if that will be the case in ESO, but it’s a pretty safe assumption.

Grinding Mobs for EXP

This is an age old leveling method, and it’s an option in just about every single MMORPG. The problem with grinding is that it isn’t very reliable, and you miss out on some important quests. However, there are always a few exceptions where grinding can be a very beneficial form of leveling.

Usually this all comes down to which zones have the best grinding areas. This could be an area where you can spawn waves of mobs for quick multi-kills, or grouping with other players to take down hordes of elites. Just remember, these zones won’t always be available, so don’t rely on grinding mobs to get you to the level cap.

Dungeons and PvP

Lately games have been rewarding players with experience just for competing in PvP matches, and often giving bonuses if they win the match. We’re not sure if Elder Scrolls Online will follow suit with this, but it’s something to keep in mind if you enjoy pre-endgame PvP.

Dungeons can be another great way to level, and it’s actually pretty similar to grinding elite mobs in a group. The nice thing about running dungeons, is that there will always be one available – regardless of your current level. Also, the loot will continue to scale upwards as you level up, another reason this is a legitimate alternative to questing.

Ready to learn more?

As stated above, the entire leveling system is very intricate, and requires a lot of studying before you can truly master it. The next step is to check out some of our class specific leveling guides, and try to apply the information with-in those guides to your current character.

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