Arx Corinium ESO Dungeon Guide

This Arx Corinium ESO Dungeon Guide will cover the basic mechanics of each boss fight in the dungeon itself. In total, there are five bosses in this dungeon, and your group must defeat them all to complete the instance. This dungeon is recommended for players in the level range of 28 – 32.

  • Recommended Level Range: 28 – 32
  • Boss Count: 5
  • Quest: Force of Nature

Arx Corinium – Fanged Menace Boss Guide

Our first boss encounter is a bit hectic at first, but gets easier as the fight goes on. Fanged Menace has several adds that you might engage simultaneously, make sure your group is focusing these adds down as quickly as possible — with each add you kill, there will be a little less chaos. There is a lot of AoE going on during the adds phase as well, everyone will need to prioritize moving out of these areas over trying to get more DPS, as the damage will get too heavy for your healer to handle in most situations. After you’ve killed the adds, just watch out for the bosses AoE that it will do every so often, and will release a massive poison cloud around 50% HP.

Arx Corinium – Ganakton the Tempest Boss Guide

Next is a lizard type boss that is pretty slow moving and easy to kill. Ganakton attacks random party members throughout the fight, and does pretty high damage even with his standard attacks. He will also do a frontal cone AoE quite frequently that should be avoided at all costs. Other than that, he will charge up with lightning energy and release it to anyone nearby, so melee needs to move out whenever they see him start to get all electrical. Just focus him down and he should die pretty fast.

Arx Corinium – Sliklenia the Songstress Boss Guide

The third boss we’ll cover in this Arx Corinium ESO Dungeon Guide is Sliklenia the Songstress. Your group will have to deal with several adds throughout the fight, just be sure to kill these as fast as possible. Every so often Sliklenia will walk away and scream, everyone needs to stay away from her while she is doing this — make sure to utilize this time, and have everyone focus on the adds while they are waiting for the boss to come back into play. She will do some standard power attacks as well that need to be blocked.

Arx Corinium – Ancient Lurcher Boss Guide

Ancient Lurcher is a boss surrounded by several adds, and just like the Fanged Menace fight, it gets increasingly easier as you take out his adds. The boss will randomly do an AoE damage ability that effects anyone in melee range, but other than that, he will just do a mix of standard and power attacks to random party members. If you have a solid healer, this fight shouldn’t be too difficult.

Arx Corinium – Sellistrix the Lamia Queen Boss Guide

Last but not least we have by far the most complex fight of the dungeon, which is usually the case with the final boss. Sellistrix will be damaging your whole group throughout most of the fight with several different attacks, one you should watch out for is a frontal AoE cone that can be easily avoided. Her most powerful ability will spawn several red circles on the ground indicating AoE damage soon to be there, so make sure everyone avoids this, as it can easily kill squishy group members. If you can survive the mass AoE phases, Sellistrix shouldn’t be too much of a problem for your group.

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