How to Reset your ESO Skill Points

As you level up in The Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll earn skill points which are used to unlock new abilities — both active and passive. However, you’ll most likely want to change things around from time to time, either because you’re bored of your current build or you want to find something better. Regardless it is pretty easy to reset your skill points in ESO, but it will cost you, the amount of gold to reset is based on your total skill points.


To perform the reset, you’ll need to go to the Re-Dedication Shrine for your faction. The shrine is located in the third leveling zone for each faction, so you’ll need to be around level 25 before you are able to do this, or you can get summoned by a higher level player. When you arrive to the shrine, there will be three statues. One statue will reset your skill points, one resets your attributes, and the third is used to perform marriages with other players.

Reset ESO Skill Points – Aldmeri Dominion

Located in the Grahtwood zone, specifically in the city of Elden Root (east of the wayshrine.


Reset ESO Skill Points – Daggerfall Covenant


Located in the Stormhazed zone, specifically in the city of Wayrest (western side).

Reset ESO Skill Points – Ebonheart Pact


Located in the Deshaan zone, specifically in the city of Mournhold (middle of the city).

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