New ESO “Ask Us Anything” Recap

Today Zenimax has released a brand new “Ask us anything” segment on the Elder Scrolls Online website. You can check out the full article here on the ESO main website. This edition focuses a lot on social aspects of the game, and has a big emphasis on how “roleplaying” is going to be utilized.

One thing I’d like to highlight first is how there will actually be two of the aforementioned “Mega-Server”, one in the US and another in EU. However, Zenimax stated that you won’t be forced in the US server if you live there or vice versa, you’ll be able to choose in-case you have friends who are playing on EU that you’d like to join.

Something minor, but noteworthy: it was stated that animated emotes will be available in ESO as expected, and there will not be any type of “Chat bubbles” as of right now.


Privacy is available, according to the post, meaning that while playing you’ll be able to set your availability to “invisible” or something similar as to make sure you can focus on your playing and avoid any pesky friends wanting to chat.

I believe this is pretty common knowledge already, but the question was asked about weather conditions and if they would be implemented into the Elder Scrolls Online. The answer: “From snowstorms in Skyrim to rain showers over the moors of Glenumbra, you’ll experience lots of weather as you explore—through the day and night—in ESO.

If you’re interested in reading more, definitely head over to the ESO website and check out the article. You can send your own questions to and there’s a chance it will be answered and featured on the next “Ask us anything”

To me, it seems like they either select questions that have a relatively obvious answer or things that aren’t really that important while avoiding some of the bigger questions. I’d expect this honestly, and I don’t fault them for doing it; the “Ask us anything” segment is a great way to get the community involved and I’m glad Zenimax is doing it.

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